Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update: Life with a newborn

I used to want 5 children, a big happy family.  After having my first newborn, I'm thinking I may stick to 1.  I mean, only children turn out decently, and I may not have as many weddings to help plan and grandkids, but still!  Newborns are HARD!

They are also rewarding.  Need evidence?  See below.

We've been adjusting to the changes decently well, though.  Yaniv takes Eva long enough to let me shower and make myself presentable every day and gives her a bottle (of breast milk, don't worry) every night to let me rest.  I'm adjusting to the new sleeping patterns, and she's starting to become slightly more regular, including her fussy period every night before bedtime.  

It's really amazing looking at her only a month after she was born and seeing how much she's already changed.  I can hardly picture her as the 7 pound lightweight I held not so long ago.  If she's changed this much in a month, I am dumbfounded to think what the next 50 years will bring.  

We're still waiting on our first official smile just for us, but she does smile a lot.  She also loves to stand tall and she holds her head up incredibly well.  It's a good change to see her developing a personality, especially one that is so darn cute!

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