Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 2011, it's a fun month!

Our little baby girl just turned 2 months old, and man-oh-man has she changed.  She's gone from being a newborn with two modes - eating and sleeping - to a real baby.  She smiles, she coos, she stands, and she's rolled over twice!  Eva is even starting to make friends with Milo...

Grandpa Boshernitzan has perfected the art of making his doppelganger smile by making funny faces and sounds.

On the more beautiful days in Houston we go to the park to walk around.  Here Eva and I are in the rose garden at Herman Park.

Eva celebrated her first Shabbat on the 21st, and the candles seemed to hold most of her attention.  Keeping with Jewish tradition, we finally hung her mezzuzah outside her bedroom (thank you, Susan and Jaime Ganc).  

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