Monday, January 31, 2011

Sun Bonnet!

My admission: I am pale, burn easily, and skin cancer runs in my family on both sides.  What's more, I live in Texas where every day is high on the UV index.  Oh, and I love the outdoors.

I am naturally concerned I might pass on my proclivity to burn to my daughter, but I refuse to keep her indoors all the time.  Solution?  Sun bonnet!
UB2 MINERVA (a wise and wonderful little owl of a sun hat) by THE URBAN BABY BONNET available in ALL SIZES

I found it on Etsy (shock!) at Urban Baby Bonnets.  She has tons of fabrics to choose from, and even makes some for cold weather, not that we have that here...  Maybe when we move to Colorado (in my dreams).

I'll post super cute pictures as soon as it comes in!   It shipped today, so I have high hopes I will see it soon.

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