Friday, January 14, 2011


I've officially decided that sleep is the controlling factor in my life now; in particular: Eva's sleep.  I wait for her to nap so I can clean the house or shower.  I pray for her to nap while we're out in public.  I rush home to complete her nighttime routine so, hopefully, she will sleep most of the night.  Then I wake up with her in the morning and play until her first nap of the day, when the cycle repeats.

It's amazing that one little baby can so completely control my every movement.  It's also amazing that any resentment I might have felt disappears as soon as I look at her.  When she's asleep she looks like a perfect porcelain doll.  When she's awake, she smiles and plays and coos like a champ and immediately endears herself.

She's not even close to sleeping through the night - waking every few hours to snack and then fall back asleep - but every time I hold her against my chest I realize how blessed I am to have her to hold against my chest and how quickly this moment will pass.

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