Tuesday, August 24, 2010

27.5 Weeks and the Start of a New Trimester

Despite a rough start, I've been incredibly lucky throughout my pregnancy: no horrible skin or uncontrollable swelling or achy back.  The worst part is the heartburn - which even water gives me - but that isn't enough to stop me from eating what I want.  I mentioned to Yaniv the other day that these pregnancy hormones are the best uppers in the existence of mankind; I get things done around the house, I feel happy, and even when I'm crazy tired I'm still not nearly as grumpy as usual.  Fingers crossed that my luck holds out for 3 more months!

Speaking of: 28 weeks!  The bump is definitely growing, but I'm not sure the size change shows up in the picture this time?

We're leaving for our last road trip before the baby comes.  Considering that I feel well, I'm looking forward to it.  Indiana is going to be great because we're dropping Matt off at this first year of college, and I'll be able to see most of my family, which may be the last time for a while.  Then we're going to stop by St. Louis and see a good friend from our college days, and then on to Oklahoma for a wedding of one of my friends from high school!  I'm not entirely sure which part I'm most excited about because I really love everyone we're getting to see.  :)

On the nursery front, since my brother is off to college, I'm stealing my oooooold nightstand and the dresser I just gave him last year!  The dresser we hit a few bumps with moving (FYI: Highlanders are not that big), but the nightstand is in place, painted, and adds the perfect touch to that side of the room.  Now I just have to find a better lamp shade.  And please pardon the mess in the room; we're keeping everything unfinished until October.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I Quit!" and other baby shower decoration utterances

I love planning and decorating parties.  I designed my wedding, I created a Mad Lib themed family reunion (complete with Mad Lib invitations that I'm not sure anyone understood), and now I've forced my mother to let me help make the decorations for my baby shower.

My original plan centered around this fabulous idea of hanging tissue paper poufs from the ceiling and dining room chandelier.  I found directions online and bought the recommended supplies for $1.  
Actual example poufs from the directions.

I sat down at my trusty craft table, aka the dining table we rarely use, and began.  Thirty minutes later, I looked over my final product that was neither flower like nor round.  I realize I am no Martha Stewart, but I actually tried to style and restyle this pouf three or four times.  It became a sad, sloppy mess that ended up in the trash can.
Actual pathetic pouf, a la Kristi.

So my new inspiration uses thicker paper and fewer circles: a colorful pennant!  Without directions, I created my own templates, sizes, and everything else.  
Inspiration within reach.

And my version, while not perfect, is at least promising.  Maybe it's not as soft and elegant as the poufs, but it is do-able and won't make me yell, "I Quit!" anytime in the near future.
Mock-up, a la Kristi.

Friday, August 6, 2010

25 Weeks and Counting...

According to one overly-optimistic prenatal program I downloaded to my phone, I've started my third trimester! I realize that mathematically this doesn't work out and that I have another 2 weeks to go, but emotionally I find believing in the early third trimester comforting.  Right now I feel like, aside from my growing belly, nothing is really happening.  I'm looking forward to the final countdown, the rush to figure out a name, and the thousands of baby classes we're taking.  Slow paces simple bore me.

Speaking of a growing belly...

Definite progress, eh?  I usually forget I'm pregnant (when she's not kicking) until I look in the mirror and realize I'm 20 pounds heavier than normal!  Yaniv is on notice that he's going to have to start tying my shoes for me when we go to the gym.