Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I Quit!" and other baby shower decoration utterances

I love planning and decorating parties.  I designed my wedding, I created a Mad Lib themed family reunion (complete with Mad Lib invitations that I'm not sure anyone understood), and now I've forced my mother to let me help make the decorations for my baby shower.

My original plan centered around this fabulous idea of hanging tissue paper poufs from the ceiling and dining room chandelier.  I found directions online and bought the recommended supplies for $1.  
Actual example poufs from the directions.

I sat down at my trusty craft table, aka the dining table we rarely use, and began.  Thirty minutes later, I looked over my final product that was neither flower like nor round.  I realize I am no Martha Stewart, but I actually tried to style and restyle this pouf three or four times.  It became a sad, sloppy mess that ended up in the trash can.
Actual pathetic pouf, a la Kristi.

So my new inspiration uses thicker paper and fewer circles: a colorful pennant!  Without directions, I created my own templates, sizes, and everything else.  
Inspiration within reach.

And my version, while not perfect, is at least promising.  Maybe it's not as soft and elegant as the poufs, but it is do-able and won't make me yell, "I Quit!" anytime in the near future.
Mock-up, a la Kristi.

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