Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More ESP

I have an addictive, obsessive-compulsive personality.  When Eva was born, I was in Nirvana because I found a program for my phone that allowed me to track her diapers, her eating times, and her sleeping (and baths, medicine, and anything else!).  It was aptly called BabyESP, and it made me feel in control and like I could actually be a parent.

Skip forward 2 months and I was still obsessively tracking everything.  I couldn't feed her without my phone right next to me so I could pause the timer when she broke suction to look around the room (distractable baby).  I decided it was time to take action!

Starting this morning, I'm vowing no more BabyESP.  Cold turkey.  I took the shortcut off my phone's home screen, and I might have to delete the program entirely.  It's painful yet liberating to just change her diaper without needing to note the exact time and consistency.  Yes, I was crazy.

Next obsession to break: nightly weigh-ins, but that will have to wait until I can prove to myself that no longer tracking her milk consumption won't make her lose weight.


  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one obsessed with obsessively tracking everything. I need to realize that my little one is doing great and gaining what she needs to gain. I just want to make sure that she is doing what she needs to do. Great job on breaking it off cold turkey!!

  2. I totally know what you mean. I use TotalBaby on my iPhone to track her every nap, poop, and feeding. I'm not addicted (ok, maybe I'm in denial) but I definitely need it around to help me keep track so I can watch for patterns in her behavior.
    Nice blog! I'll have to follow you. I keep one at
    Cait- Mom of Hailey 11.16.10