Monday, April 25, 2011

A Playroom with Personality

As some of you know, one of my many incarnations in the past few years was as an affordable interior re-designer.  You know, use that you have and add a few inexpensive items to make the space more complete.

I've wanted to make the sunroom feel like a real room for a while, but I never knew what I wanted to do with it.  I needed a pull out sofa for guests, but I always thought I'd turn the room into an office for Yaniv.  Once Eva arrived, bringing with her a million toys because I can't help myself, I realized the real purpose of the room should be a playroom.

And our journey began...

The playroom was painted purple and carpeted when we bought the house in 2008.  It was a sunporch that had been walled in sometime before, but it really wasn't integrated with the rest of the house.  There was a window between the family room and the sunroom, and the door connecting the rooms was an exterior style door.

In 2009, we finished our remodel.  We removed the window and replaced it with a sliding glass door, walling in the old door.  We laid travertine stone flooring and painted the walls a light beige.  A few small changes made the room feel new.  However, I still had no purpose for the room.  These picture are from just after it was finished and we were using it as a transition space from the pool to the indoors.  We also used the room as my office for most of 2010.

This is the floor plan I kept obsessing over.  Half the room would be a small pull out sofa, and the other half would be for the playthings.

I wanted the room to be playful so it would be a good PLAYroom.  I also wanted it to be neutral enough to mature with Eva.  Had to have the sofa bed, and I wanted a rug with a thick enough pile Eva could topple over on it and not get hurt.

And how we actually use the sofa side:

What we bought:
  • Ikea Lack End Table - $8
  • Ikea Pink Flower Poster - $10
  • Ikea Decorative Pillow - $12
  • Ikea Lack Coffee Table - $25
  • Ikea Malm Wall Shelving - $40 (3 pieces)
  • WalMart Zebra Hometrends Rug - $124
  • Ikea Solsta Sofa - $148
  • (Everything else was already in the room or items we repurposed for the room.)

Total: $358

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