Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eva's First Bite

For about 2 weeks we've been dealing with Eva constantly grabbing our food.  Today I ate a peanut butter sandwich and spent most of the time avoiding her little claw of death.  We started a bottle and had about 1oz left, and I decided rather than throwing it out, we should make Eva's first taste of solid food.

I mixed rice cereal with breast milk (a 1:20 ratio), and yelled for Yaniv to film our experience and take photos.  He was just as excited as I was, so he came running!

I wasn't sure how she'd take the first spoon fed meal, but she LOVED it.  And she stayed clean, so Mommy was extra proud.  I've never seen a baby understand the concept of opening wide for the spoon and then keeping most of the food inside her mouth so well.  She's a food genius.  She gets it from Yaniv and I - we're both big eaters!


  1. Ha! Love that last pic. I tried avocado with Clara--poor thing was so confused. I don't think she's quite ready.

  2. I let Eva lick foods all the time. Grapes, green beans, even broccoli. I figure a lick can't do much. The avocado didn't seem to impress her too much, either.