Friday, April 22, 2011

Long time, no see.

It's been a while since I've updated.  It's not that I'm not on the computer - I have basically lived on the computer for the past 3 weeks.  Just not in a happy way.

I've hit a bump in the breastfeeding road.  Low supply led to pumping and bottle feeding led to Eva refusing to breast feed led to OMG-I-have-no-time-because-I'm-ALWAYS-pumping.   I've finally created a decent schedule, so I'm getting a life back, but since I'm so committed to making sure Eva gets only breast milk until 6 months, I have another 32 days of heck ahead of me.  Of course, it's heck with a cute smile!

I'd like to thank my friend, Sara, for her invaluable advice and support.  Also, I found a GREAT baby board on with wonderful ladies who all pump at work.  They know I'm a SAHM, and I haven't been kicked off yet!

I wish there was more to update, but we haven't done a lot.  I've started going to Tot Shabbat at the JCC down the road, which is really fun because Eva LOVES music.  And we met friends for lunch a few days ago.  But otherwise, life is pretty much filled with pumping, baby groups, and sleeping.

I'm going to make a test right now to see if Yaniv reads my blog.  See, I've become a master baker in the past few months, and tonight Yaniv wanted some of my uber-tasty cookies.  I, however, hid them.  (And yes, we are bad Jews who eat super leavened bread during Passover.)  Now, I hid them under my chair in Eva's playroom, but he will only know that if he reads my blog.  Otherwise, I have a perfect hiding place he will never find.  Moo-hahhahaha.

I shall leave you with pictures of our beautiful family.


  1. Ha! Tot Shabbat! I love it and am totally jealous.

    I feel your pain with pumping. Sam went on a nursing strike at 6 months which meant I pumped for the next six months. (Okay, so I'm not TOTALLY feeling your pain since he was also starting solids at that time). Poor you! I thought the worst part of pumping was the extra dishes.

  2. The extra dishes and the sore lady parts are the worst for me. But thanks for sympathizing. It makes me feel better that Sam, the coolest Internet kid I know, did the same thing. I'm pretty sure Eva will be just as precocious.