Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wade Baby Shower

I'm in super nesting mode right now.  Yaniv and I drew up a calendar with everything we want to get done around the house before the baby arrives with everything from vacuuming more regularly to detailing both cars (which we did today!).  It feels good to know we're trying to be productive and organized, but sometimes I wonder how long we'll last at this pace...

Mom hosted a lovely ladies baby shower for me on Saturday.  She did a wonderful job planning an easy going party, and set it up all beautifully with the help of Tom, Ryan, Anne, and Katherine.  It is great having such a helpful family and close friends!

Lots of ladies came, with a mix of my friends from Houston and Mom's friends from Mont B.  I've never had a shower before this baby (we skipped bridal showers), so it's a very new experience.  Not since childhood birthday parties have I ever received so many gifts at one time!  It makes a person feel incredibly spoiled, but deeply appreciative.  We played games, munched on healthy goodies, and (obviously) opened gifts.  Thank you SO much to everyone who came!  

Kandice, one of my mom's friends, made an amazing pile of all the wonderful gifts we were given.

Mom even had a delicious red velvet cake decorated to match the decal in the nursery, and they spelled my name correctly!!

 After it was all over, the remaining guests took a few moments to torture my college-aged brother by gathering in his room to take a picture!  I hope you like it, Matt!

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