Saturday, September 18, 2010

31 Weeks = 7 Months = Are we there yet??

I've officially been pregnant long enough that the weight of my belly makes it hard to get out of bed.  Which, at night, happens to be a lot - as in 12:40am and 4:00am every night, on the dot, without fail, plus a few other times.

It's also officially made me swollen enough that I'm too scared to wear my wedding ring.  I mean, what happens when I go into labor and I realize my finger is so plump I can't take off my bling, and then I have an emergency C-section, and then I come out of everything okay but my ring is suddenly missing because someone yoinked it off my finger while I was out?  Yes, that is how my brain works now.  So meet my new ring, Francine.

It seems I can name objects quite easily, but babies, not so much.

And finally, the part we all actually care about: the bump!  It is growing and growing and growing... setting a good pace for itself.  I can't wait to have a real waistline again, but until then I think the only person who thinks my bump just makes me look like a fat person is Ryan's friend, Katherine.  And yes, it crushed my soul when she said that.

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