Thursday, September 9, 2010

East Nursery Wall: Done

I've more or less put the finishing touches on the east wall of the nursery, and I must say that we've managed to keep with the nature theme rather splendidly.  I know it's not a perfect designer showcase, but it's whimsical, durable, and inviting - exactly what a baby should have.

We just added the white butterflies and purple butterfly tap light, which has a 15 minute time out and is perfect as a night-light.  I was worried the room wouldn't be girly enough, but I think the addition of +/-20 butterflies helped.  I've never been a huge fan of butterflies, but these are really cool 3-dimensional ones that snap onto the wall, so if they fall they can't hurt the baby.

The rug is still in contention, but until Yaniv sells it...

A close up of the crib shows off my c'est la vie pillow I made from an old tee shirt and Inga, our baby girl's first doll courtesy of my cousin Ben and his wife Angie.  I know pillows and such can't stay in the crib once the baby moves in, but that won't be for a few months as we plan on co-sleeping, so for now it just feels complete.

Next up: the west wall, the rug, the closet, the bathroom, the kitchen baby drawer...

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