Monday, July 12, 2010

How to Hang a Wall Decal and Survive

First, let me start this by saying there would be no decal on the wall if it weren't for my fabulous, tall, and patient husband; he did at least 90% of the work.

Hanging a wall decal is fun, if by fun you mean really rewarding after you drive yourself crazy for an hour.  However, it was far easier than painting the whole room, and it added some much needed whimsy.  As you can see, before the wall was just a basic boring beige.

The whole process involved positioning the sticker on the wall, peeling off the backing, and sticking the decal in place.  Pretty simple - aside from the height of the decal I chose. Once Yaniv got the trunk placed, we worked together to put the leaves and smaller elements on the wall according to the diagram.  It is pretty amazing how much the vinyl looks like it is painted on the wall.

The final product makes the room feel much happier.  Yes, I wish it were 1 foot to the right, but I don't think I'll notice on a daily basis.  My favorite part is the accidentally perfect coordination of the tree to the tree blanket and the birds to the bird pillows!  We're such nature lovers!

On a final note, I'd like to thank Modern Decals for their great customer support and fast shipping!  If you've ever considered using a wall decal, I strongly suggest you check out their Etsy store,

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