Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Registry - Check

I like to plan and get everything squared away in record time - maybe that's the side of me that should have been an accountant like my mom.  When it comes to starting a new family, that trait doesn't diminish in the least.  I held off on shopping for the baby before we knew the sex because there was no doubt in my mind that I would have everything planned and set up before we were even out of the first trimester.  So I waited patiently. 

But... apparently one week is the period of time in which we can talk to two great sets of parents (thanks to the McCorveys & Graysons), gather useful information and tips, order our baby furniture and bedding, and then compile a registry that really seems to reflect us.  Phew!

Here are the links to the registries for those of you who like to jump into them early and pick the best stuff (like I always do).  Or just for curiosity seekers who want to know what we registered for*.  I think I would define our proposed parenting style as "keep it simple, and borrow everything else."

*You may notice there are no cute clothing items on the registries.  There is just so much out there, it's too hard to decide.  We figured we would leave that decision open-ended.  If you see something super cute, don't feel stifled, but please include a gift receipt in case it doesn't fit.  

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