Friday, July 16, 2010

22 Weeks! That's 4 months left!!!

As we took the 5 month photo of my baby bump, Yaniv deftly asked, "Does it feel strange having that huge bump on you?"  My response was something along the lines of, "....." and a dirty look. 

I still think people at the gym assume I eat too much.

Today, I spent a few hours creating the cutest child's chair out of some "junk" the people who owned our house before us left behind in the attic.  The chair was a little breat up, but I painted it a lovely shade of watermelon and added a cute bird decal Modern Decals included as a bonus in our order. 

Not a lot else to report.  The baby is moving, but not enough to outsiders to feel yet.  I've started the baby book, which I will dedicate an entire blog post to because it is so perfectly perfect (thanks to Marina for the reference).  

...and that's all (for now) folks!

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