Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Baby Book on the Market

Decent baby books are hard to find - they're either cheap or too cutesy - so when Matt and Marina had us over for dinner the other night and I saw their baby's book, I was shocked.  Modern, classy, and well made.    I never would have thought it were possible!

Being the planner that I am, I immediately ordered one from its creator: Edna Mae Baby.  Like my previous Etsy transaction, Kobie from Edna Mae provided amazing customer service, right down to allowing me to change my order TWICE after I paid/finalized everything.  (I'm indecisive lately.)

Her baby books all come with coordinating fabric covers and pages in a nice three-ring style.  I added the Preggers Pack, which was 18 pages of additional information about the pregnancy (baby bump photos, trimester reflections...).  It's basically an amazing scapbook with a guide as to what goes on each page.  And because it's in a three ring binder, it's easy to organize.

I've already started filling out pages about the first trimester and how Yaniv and I met.  I even added stickies on the pages where Yaniv can go back and add his thoughts.  I guess it's a little slow right now as there isn't too much baby before the baby is born, but I'm trying to get some of it out of the way so I can keep up with it.  Everyone says baby books are never finished, but I'm committed to finishing mine/hers!

Otherwise, life is slow.  Yaniv turned 29 on Sunday, so we drove to Austin to celebrate.  We kayaked (he did all the work) and saw a roller derby match (thanks Jonathan!).  The baby is continuing to grow, and as someone commented today, I'm finally looking like I'm gaining weight.  We'll post updated pictures of the bump Friday!

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