Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eva at 6 Months

At birth, Eva was 7lb, 1oz and 20".

She is now 16lb, 13oz and 27".

For every inch she grew, she's gained about a million personality points.  I will dedicate today's post to The Saga of the Cell Phone.

One day there was a little girl who really loved her clothing.  And by loving her clothing, I really mean she loved pulling her clothing up and off as often as possible.  Often she was so distracted by playing with her clothing she didn't even notice the great toys surrounding her.

Sometimes she would look around and see a toy that wasn't really a toy.  Same category as her clothing, I guess.  On this particular day, Eva decided Mommy's cell phone was a toy.

Then she decided Mommy's cell phone was a hamburger.

With all the news about cell phones and radiation and brain tumors, Mommy took said phone away.  Eva used her powers of persuasion to convince her mother that the world might have to come to an end if the cell phone were not returned.  

 Then she found her fist.

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