Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reflections on a First Mother's Day

You know how as you reach each new stage in life, you realize all those "jokes" they make in sitcoms are actually based on reality?

For example: You always think people complaining about birthdays just being anti-climactic after a certain age is silly - birthdays are ALWAYS fun.  And then you turn 24.  And 25.  And you're just not excited about it anymore.

Or: You're 25 and all you think about are your wrinkles and your impending 30s.  And then you're 30 and you realize how few wrinkles you had and how young you really were.

Or: The wife on Everybody Loves Raymond seems like such a *B* word, until suddenly you are the wife having to mother your husband who just doesn't realize all the stuff he's missing.  Like the dishes.  Or the underwear by the bed.  Or whatever.  And now you're the *B* word.

Or: Those Kleenex boxes your mother kept by the sofa while watching movies always annoyed the heck out of you.  And then you have your first child and EVERY television show, commercial, or song about parenthood or babies makes you tear up and cry like a little girl.

Or: Babies eat everything.

Or: It's your first Mother's Day, and all those sitcoms you'd get so annoyed by because all they talked about was how Mother's Day always sucks because the only people who plan anything are mothers - so there is no one to plan Mother's Day.  Father's Day is awesome because - duh - mothers plan it!

But it's so true.  Yaniv actually said to me today, "Doesn't Eva do the stuff for Mother's Day?  I mean, you're her mother, right?" And he wasn't kidding.  He actually thought the kid gave the gift or whatever.  Yes, my 5-month-old is going to give me a gift tomorrow of her own volition.  :)

And then I look back at my own history of Parents' Days.  I NEVER did anything for them because no one ever told me to or made a big deal of it.  Mom was always so low key about it.

Well, I'm not low key.  I guess that means I may be pitching fits for the next 8 years while I train my family, however large or small it may be, to treat me like a queen on Mother's Day.

Or at least let me sleep for 8 hours some night!

BTW - I love you, Mom.  Thanks for always being there for me and dealing with my drama, even when it was aimed your way.  I am really lucky to have you as an example.  But stop joking about how horrible a kid I was - it's going to make me cry.


  1. I feel the exact same way. This blog is exactly what I would have wrote, had I been writing a blog about Mother's Day... Good Luck!

  2. Too true, too true. Happy 1st Mother's Day!

  3. You too! I'm sure yours will be the sweetest I can imagine - getting to hold your baby boy in your own home!