Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whoa! 2 months and no word from you??

When I say "no word from YOU", I mean "no word from ME."  I'm that person - the one who starts a blog to keep friends and family updated about my cute and adorable baby, then forgets about it because I'm a level of lazy I can't even describe.

On the topic of laziness, let me just say... I have a million really cute pictures of Eva I could post here, but it takes so long to upload them.  Just know that the pictures exist.  And Eva is cute.  Really cute.

Updates on the Baby Bosh:

  1. She is "crawling".  Army crawling really - laying on belly, pull with arms, push with legs/knees.  She isn't coordinated enough for the real sort yet, but she has shown she can do it.
  2. She can pull up on things, but usually just to her knees.  Pulling to standing still elicits cheers, so it's not down firm yet.
  3. We've baby-proofed most things, and that's always what she goes for first.  The foam padding on the fireplace?  Her new chew toy.  The outlet covers?  Apparently the best texture since sliced bread.
  4. We're working HARD on solids.  She's not eating a lot, but we're getting there.  Three meals a day.
  5. I bought her a baby tunnel/tent from Ikea which she is currently crawling around in.  Super cute.  Pictures of it do not exist yet, but I could pretend they did as I have no intention of posting any pictures right now anyways.
  6. She is officially 8 months.  
Updates about Family Bosh:
  1. Yaniv's business is going well.  Check it out - Model2Web.  
  2. Yaniv turned 30 on July 25.  Happy birthday, honey!
  3. I'm still doing baby groups.  I've realized that although Eva enjoys them, they are 95% for me.  I really feel lucky to have met so many great women.
And to leave on a positive note, ONE picture.

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