Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Backyard and Its Wonders

We're working on landscaping, and although we started mulching 3 weeks ago, we still haven't finished.  However, even though our yard isn't in its normal glorious form, it is being visited by magical creatures like a baby owl.  

One morning, Yaniv went to check on the pool, and for a moment he glanced into the palm tree.  There it was - a tiny baby owl.  He thought it was dead or sick and planned on adopting it, but as soon as he went to move the branch to reach the owl, it flew away!

The thing that is really keeping us from finishing the landscaping is not our owl infestation, but Yaniv's obsession with building an herb garden!  So he went to Home Depot, bought wood, and spent 2 hours screwing it together, filling it with dirt, and planting herbs.  All in the dark.  Because he couldn't wait till morning.  : |  This is my stern, serious writing tone. 

It did come out beautifully, though, so I'm not actually complaining.


  1. That's so awesome you have an owl!

  2. It flew away, but it was really cool! Yaniv is great at spotting animals!