Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eva at Play

The past month has been an amazing experience.  Eva has undergone a transformation from being a newborn to becoming a real baby who smiles, plays, talks, and is a complete joy to be around.  Until she is tired.... then she just screams.  :)

I made her a ribbon rag, which she loves to suck on and tangle into a million knots.  And her tummy time toy I talked about before - it's a hit!  She actually prefers the side with the bugs on it - their giant eyes grip her imagination.  I'm proud because, as most people know, I like bugs... so she's mommy's little girl!

Eva has also started to really enjoy bath time before bed every night, which cracks me up.  She splashes so much we had to move the baby tub from the counter into the big bathtub to catch all the water.   

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