Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Outings

Saturday evening Yaniv and I went to dinner at Ruggles Grill (YUM) with friends for what may have been the last time in a long while.  I mean... 3.5 weeks left...  Anyways, I wanted to share pictures because - wow - we all look really good!  What beautiful married couples!

The next day we met Emily and Oren at the Kosher Chili Cookoff.  I didn't get heartburn, but chili on a 90 degree day is a tad painful.  My favorite part was when one of the guys at the Chabadnik chili stand tried to get Yaniv to tie tefillin right there at their tent.

I'm hoping we'll get a few more outings in before the baby arrives, but if not our weekend was wonderful enough to suffice.  

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