Sunday, June 27, 2010


Welcome to our blog for all things about the Baby Boshernitzan!

For those who don't know, Yaniv and I found out we would be blessed with our first child the day of our first wedding anniversary - what a perfect gift!  We went in for an ultra sound pretty quickly to make sure everything was okay, so we have lovely pictures of the baby as a 6 week old dot.

I spent most of my first trimester laying down in bed with nausea, but fortunately I never had full blown morning sickness.  Yaniv was wonderful and patient, cooking me meals and reminding me it wouldn't last forever.  I started feeling better just in time for our big trip to the Grand Canyon with the Boshernitzans, which was perfect timing.  Around 17 weeks I was finally showing enough to take a picture of the "bump."  We'll update these every few weeks.

On June 24th, we went in for our scheduled halfway ultrasound and were told we would have a baby girl!  Almost everyone we talked to had predicted the fetus was a boy, but apparently she had other plans.  The nurse kept saying how beautiful she was, while Yaniv and I just stared at the 3D images in shock - where is her nose?  Is she really that lumpy?  Then the nurse calmed us by saying that the soft tissues don't show up yet - we'll have to wait for a real picture.

My favorite part of the process was the green arrow she drew, pointing out that our baby has no boy parts.  Obviously just telling us isn't enough, and the green arrow makes it pretty clear.  ;)

I was able to control my planning/nesting instincts until we knew the sex, but now I'm pretty much obsessed with putting the nursery together, getting the registry completed, and planning baby showers.  Yaniv is even getting in on the act, putting the stroller together with a stuffed bear in place of the baby and steam vacuuming the carpets!

We can't wait to share all the wonderful news we're sure to have, so check back any time to see how we're progressing, and perhaps learn her name if we can finalize it.

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